The time has come for you to earn up to RM22,500!

Beginning 17th April 2017, a video will be posted on RAAGA’s Facebook page each day. In the video, you will find a MYSTERY BOX, with 3 clues to what its CONTENT may be.

So peel your eyes, work your mind, and crack the mystery box! Show us your Sherlock-like observational skills and give us a call at 03- 9543 0993. The mystery box will be REVEALED in another video at 9.30pm ON THE SAME DAY.

Let the games begin!

All you have to do is follow the simple steps below:


Watch video posted on THR Raaga Malaysia FB every morning Monday - Friday. There are clues to help you.

Be the first caller through after the cue to call and give us your answer.

The right answer will be revealed during Inamai@Raaga segment on THR Raaga Malaysia FB.

Caller who answered correctly walks home with cash prize.

  • If there are more than 1 caller with the right answer for the day, the cash prize will be shared equally.
  • If there are no winner, the prize money will snowball to the next day.

Terms and Conditions apply.


You can also catch us at Mid Valley Convention Centre on
5th - 7th May 2017 for your chance to win 3 grams of GOLD by participating in
What's In The Box game.

How to participate in the game?


Be the first 10 to register. Participants will undergo elimination challenges.

The final 3 finalists will be given 10 seconds to feel an item in a box and write down what the item is on the paper.

All 3 of them will flash the answer at the same time. The finalist who gives the right answer will be the grand prize winner.